EJMA verses ASME

EJMA verses ASME

The EJMA design guide and the ASME code have different design criteria for metal bellows cycle life.

The history of the ASME B31.3, Section VIII, and EJMA fatigue curves are discussed along with practical recommendations for expansion joint cycle life specifications.

This is a video that is of interest to design, piping, and vessel engineers.

Length: 9:24


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Greg Perkins
Greg Perkins
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Greg Perkins has 25 years experience in the expansion joint industry. In his previous employment with Senior Flexonics Pathway, Greg Perkins held the position of CEO and General Manager for 11 years. Prior positions include project engineer, director of engineering, and business unit manager.

In addition Greg, a degreed engineer, served on both the EJMA (expansion joint manufacturers association) technical and management committee tasked with developing/updating bellows and expansion joint performance criteria. Proficient in ASME design codes. Patents include high temperature piping restraint structures for expansion joint applications.

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