Bellows Condenser Seal Refurbishments

Bellows Condenser Seal Refurbishments

Condenser Seal Refurbishments
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Bellows Condenser Seal Refurbishments

When replacing a GE or Westinghouse condenser seal, both time and money can be saved by refurbishing the old assembly.

The most time-saving option, of course, is to have ordered a complete new unit in advance of an outage. If that didn’t happen then a refurbishment may be your best, and only, option.

The condenser seal is removed easily from service once the cross-over piping clamp flange is unbolted and the seal fillet weld cut off. The unit is them shipped to us to replace the old metal bellows with a turn-around time in 2 weeks or less.

In contrast, the standard delivery on a completely new unit is usually 8 weeks. That lead time can be compressed but it requires a significant amount of expediting.

The manufacturing time for a new part includes machining the face of the ring that clamps to the cross-over piping flange; a step not necessary on a refurbishment.

A refurbished condenser seal will have the same life expectancy as a completely new assembly – at a better cost and delivery.


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